Photo by Lauren Moffatt

Photo by Lauren Moffatt

I’m a visual artist, illustrator and textile designer from Finland. I specialise in experimental drawing, wildlife-themed works and children’s culture. My works have been shown in many solo and group exhibitions both in Finland and internationally. My illustrations have won several awards (please see bio below for further details). I have illustrated two children’s books, they are published and represented by the award-winning Finnish publisher Etana Editions.

My art practice is informed by modern abstract art, the language of graphic design and print making, and the originality of outsider art. Animals and human-nature relationships are a central theme in my creative work. My works aim to improve our understanding of the importance of preserving the nature on our planet. I am passionate about nature and wildlife, and the inspiration for my illustrations often comes from real-life encounters with animals. My artistic process is experimental and playful: I view my art practice as an endless quest for more spontaneous, intuitive fun and dynamic ways to draw.

In addition to my own creative work I organise children’s art workshops. I have worked in cooperation with the Berlin-based NGO Pass the Crayon and the Finnish organisation All Our Children to give workshops to children with a refugee background.

I’m currently working on new children’s books and other creative ideas in my studio in Berlin. I’m always keen on new, exciting projects and collaborations. If you would like to suggest a commission, a workshop or a project, please navigate to the contact page for my details.


Born 1982 in Lohja, Finland

Graduated from Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, with a MA degree in textile design and art 2015



2019: Bologna Children’s book fair Illustrators Exhibition, CHART Art and Design Fair Copenhagen, Nami Concours Illustration, Nami Island, Korea.

2018: Beasties, Kuvitus gallery, Helsinki, Finland. Little Citizens, Hyundai Museum of Kids Books & Art, Korea.

2017: Tallinn Illustrations Triennial, Estonia. Bratislava Illustrations Biennial, Slovakia. Mikkeli Illustrations Triennial, Finland.

2016: Tuhat ja yksi otusta, Helsinki Museum of Natural History, Finland.

2015: Menagerie, Myymälä 2, Helsinki, Finland.  15th China Textile Conference, Tsinghua, Peking, China.

2014: Animal, Lokal, Helsinki, Finland.

2013: Sustainable and Innovative Fashion, Lume gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

2012: Mutual Weirdness, Stoa Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.  Premier Vision Indigo, Paris, France. Koru minussa, Kalevala koru flagship store, Helsinki, Finland.

2011: Bookmark2, Zirkumflex, Berlin, Germany.

2009: Hey, das ist mein Joghurt, WIR Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2008: Joukkokohtaus, Aralis Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.  Huopa nyt, Forma fair, Helsinki, Finland.



Otusten joukossa, illustrated children’s book published by Etana Editions, 2019

Tuhat ja yksi otusta, illustrated children’s book published by Etana Editions, 2016

Kanirukka project presented in Finnish Design Yearbook 2014 - 2015

Kanirukka project presented in Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches, 2014


Awards and acknowledgements

Grafia Best Finnish Creative Design silver award, 2018

Ibby Honours List, 2018

Nami Concours shortlist, 2018

Top 10 shortlist for Rudolf Koivu award, 2017

Little Hakka shortlist, 2017

White Ravens, International Youth Library, 2017

Third prize in Mikkeli Illustration Triennial, 2017

Grafia Best Finnish Creative Design shortlist, 2017

Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature’s Punni prize, honorary award, 2017

Finnish Book Art Committee’s Most Beautiful Books of 2016 award


Arts funding from

2018: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Ornamo Foundation, Alli Paasikivi Foundation

2017: The Finnish Association of Illustrators, Arts Promotion Center Finland, Olga & Vilho Linnamo Foundation

2016: Grafia − Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland, The Finnish Association of Illustrators, Arts Promotion Centre Finland

2015: Alfred Kordelin Foundation

2014: Kone Foundation, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation

2011: TOKYO student association

2010: Finnish cultural association of textiles