The 'Tuhat ja yksi otusta' book launch party will be held in Helsinki on the 16th Aug

If you are in Helsinki next week, come and celebrate the launch of my book and the opening of my show on Tuesday the 16th Aug.

My ink animal drawings, including illustration originals for the book, are on show at the Finnish Museum of Natural History in Helsinki from the 16th Aug until the 16th Oct. This Tuesday is a day of action for children and parents! We celebrate the opening of my show at the museum from 11.00 until 12.30 with a free drawing workshop for kids, drinks and a welcome speech. Later in the day we will celebrate the launch of the children's book Tuhat ja yksi otusta at Restaurant Palema, from 17.00 until 19.00. Aino Järvinen who wrote the book's stories based on my original idea, will be reading excerpts from the book, I'm doing live drawing, there are animal-shaped snacks and drinks. You can buy the book as well as my art prints at special prices at both events.

Come and invite your friends, too!

You can check out the event on Facebook here